Longview, Texas
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I never received my items. I initially purchased items back on April 18,2014. With the under stand that it may take a month to get the finished product. I had been person emailing seeker on several occasion with the hopes of again getting my purchase. We even talk about personal things about life. How and why the business was started due to having to take care of her daughter children after she passed away in a fatal accident but the children came out ok.

But never the less I emphasized with the seller and wanted the items for my first grandson.

I have since cn acted the seeker on several ther occasion. April, May, June, and now July. I paid $264.40 through Paypal. I started the compliant process, and was told

1. Custom items are not guaranteed

2. The items were not purchase through EBay so my purchased was not secure.

I was very frustrated.

Seller information is as followed.

Owner/operator: ms Vickie aka Grammy

Business: GrammyKidsLoveys

address is Grammys House

105 Idletime Drive

Greeneville, TN 37743


I have lost my money and wanted to file a compliant and wanted to warn others

Monetary Loss: $264.

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Why are you anonymous when you post personal information on someone else?!?! The seller should post all of your personal information so other sellers can block you. Really low to post about deceased child!!!!


It is just wrong for that person to include such personal information concerning the death of a child that has absolutely nothing to do with the situation! How crude and ***!

Whoever you are, you should be ashamed! What if that happened to you?

YOU ARE POND ***!!! You are the one who should have been turned in for being so callous!


This is a total fabrication! She did not purchase through ETSY.

I waited for a month for her to send a pillowcase she wanted me to use for her custom quilt. After contacting her, she finally sent the pillowcase. She asked for many other "items" which I was happy to custom design for her. Her package was shipped, she gave me the incorrect address.

I responded to her messages. The package was resent, then returned to me, had been opened and items taken out. I fully refunded her $264.50 via Paypal. I don't know what more could be done to satisfy this person.

Now she is slandering me as well as threatening me with Internet Crime.

Lesson learned here. And most of all, I do NOT appreciate her displaying information concerning my deceased daughter, that is cruel and personal.

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