Back in June 2018 the world learned Trump was putting sanctions on Iran again. I’m a Persian Rug & antiques dealer and my Etsy store was my livelihood. How I paid the bills and put food on the table. Well, Etsy deactivated all of my rugs listings without prior notice. I received an email after stating that Inwould be notified againif any changes needed to be made. Several days went by meanwhile I made zero money that week. Since I never heard from them I figured the listings must be ok. I reactivated them and they suspended my account.

Etsy’s seller customer servive Blows! Big Time. It’s ridiculous how badly they treat sellers. You can’t call them to get an answer directly. All they would do is reply with vague answers to my repeated requests for what words I could use and not use. Iran, Persian, etc. The sanctions didnt go into place until Aug 8th! Why dactivate the listings of only the smaller rug dealers in June and leave the big dealers alone? They did the same to a friend of mine who also sells rugs.

By this time I’m in my 3rd week of no money coming in with the mortgage coming due. So, I attempted to remove the offensive words quickly using their bulk editing tool which failed miserably. I then attempted to download the csv and use Xcel to find and replace. That worked better but missed a bunch. As I’m trying to edit 100 detailed rug listings as fast as I can to comply with their totally vague requirements so I can make at least a couple grand to pay the mortgage, Indiscover 2 major natural gas leaks in the pipes leading into my home and my water heater decides to break too. My basements flooded and soaked half of my inventory!

So, in desperation I tried changing Persian to Persan, etc. so customers could still find my rugs when they searched on Etsy and I’d have money coming in to deal with the house problems.

Well, between the house mold, natual gas poisoning and the stress of working for weeks to deal with it myself since I no longer had a 5 Star Thriving Persian Rug business on Etsy to pay a mold remediation company, etc. I ended up in the hospital where I spent 2 days recovering.

I contacted Etsy when I got out. I sent them a copy of my hospital bill. I begged, I pleaded, I explained, I promised, I asked for probation. Guess what they did? Banned me from Ever selling Any kind of rug on Etsy ever again. Out of 100 Sales I had only 5 star reviews. No other stars! I was an Exceptional seller with no previous issues whatsoever and that’s how I was treated.

As of today 11/3/18, there are still 100’s of sellers advertising Persian and other goods made in Iran on Etsy. When I pointed to the unfairness of the entire situation I was told, don’t worry about what other sellers are doing. It’s none of your business what we do with other sellers.

I still have a store on Etsy because I have no alternative. If I did I’d give them the finger and take my business elsewhere. I am still reeling from the financial blow and working my tail off Again to rebuild my business with other products.

Be A Top Rated Seller on Etsy = Get Treated Like ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Marketplace.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Englewood, Colorado

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I am so confused ... why did u send etsy your hospital bill ?

They have nothing to do with that ... also your basement would have flooded regardless of your selling status on etsy... it sounds like you are blaming etsy for your misfortune.. etsy didn’t make the state laws ...

they are just obiding by them . You are wrong at the wrong person.

I see why they blocked you ... I mean, you sound like a lunatic sending them your hospital bill


People can act crazy if their means of living is abruptly taken away from them, but not others selling the exact same items.

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