I am going to try and explain this as best as I can. Needless to say, I am not the only one affected at this time.

I will try to go in chronological order and subject. Password information(1) I have received one (1) email questioning my device change (not me).(2) I have received notification that my security settings have been updated from just one part verification to Two-Factor Authentication.(3) Received an email to reset my password to protect my account from kkzyrepv (Etzy no reply@***.etsy.com(4) I have received 3 emails saying my password has changed (I have not done this, nor am I able to due to Two party authentication. ) (5) I have tried 3 time to change it and every time I do it says that a security code is sent with a 6 digit code to enter and as you can see not able to do.

Orders/sales/Shipping(1) Got an email congratulating me on my first sale. Kinda hard to do since I do not have a seller account.(2) These sales have the following numbers #23436**** (also has a shipping notification), #234368**** (also has a shipping notification), #234368**** (also has a shipping notification), ##234311**** (shipping only), #234311**** (sale no shipping).

The Names(1) Pamela Mitchell - email: rspteachermitchell(2) Johanna Wilson - email: jobaby414(3) Shop - GREFDAGERF(4) ITEM - Women Trence coat embroidered T-shirt tops 2021 Autumn New coat Long-sleeved Loose Mid-length Large

As you can see, I have spent some time this morning (now afternoon) trying to find out what happened, tried to change password (keeps coming back that I changed it and of course I have not because of the above) I am concerned for the following reasons.

Who has my account information and are these poor people being ripped off or are they in on it? I would like some help actually desperately for it.

Julia Fitzgerald


User's recommendation: Watch your account like a hawk.

Location: Clermont, Florida

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