Great Neck, New York
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I had a terrible experience buying something on Etsy that was not as described. When I asked the seller for a refund, she agreed, then changed her mind and stopped responding to me.

I disputed through PayPal and then received a series of harassing e-mails from this seller demanding I send back her defective items immediately or she would take "legal action." Keep in mind the items were less than $10 and, accounting for the damage, probably worth less than half that amount. Etsy refused to block this seller for misrepresenting her merchandise or block her from contacting me. It wasn't until I put a complaint into the BBB that I got any response from them, which was only to tell me to stop contacting her?!

Complete BS and total waste of my time to have to deal with this mess. Most of the sellers on Etsy are nice, but you will rue the day when you have a crazy one and have nowhere to turn for support!

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I own two shops on etsy both of which pay for my full time living(I feed my family with these shops). They are now sending me messages saying I stole someone's copywritten artwork that I designed myself and copyrighted.

Even after I sent them a counter notice with my copyright info they will not respond. They continue to listen to this other shop owner who doesn't own the copyright. What's even better, because this shop owner is competition, he has been buying items from store having them shipped to the local Home Depots, Lowe's,etc near him(I didn't know this until I looked into it)just to leave me negative feedback and destroy my store. Competition erased in his mind.

I received the packages back, unopened and I called the Home Depot's manager who informed no one there ordered it and sent it back without opening it yet the "purchaser" left several negative feedbacks about how the products were *** without ever seeing them because obviously they went to a home improvement store. With all kinds of evidence in hand I went to etsy with this and after bugging the *** out of them because they don't give two craps about the sellers, I finally went on their twitter and blasted them and FINALLY got their attention. Well the woman from etsy said "I'm sorry, I know you have valid evidence but our hands our tied." "He ordered it so he can leave whatever feedback he likes." So basically this other shop owner is destroying the way I feed my family and etsy doesn't give a ***. All my hard work, the long hours, the family times missed to build this business, all of it just to give myself a stress induced heart attack from this ***?

Etsy is absolutely a scam. They do not care about being ethical or their shop owners.


Most companies and even individual sellers on online selling/buying sites will require you to send merchandise back before giving you a refund. Even a lot of retailers will require you to pay for shipping if you return something, so this really isn't an uncommon practice.

Almost all Etsy sellers list what their return policy is on their "About" page, same with other online selling sites.

If there isn't one listed, your best bet is to ask before purchasing. Besides, if sellers never required customers to send back items they wanted to get a refund on, then everyone could keep items they've purchased and just ask for their money back.