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I have a problem Ive been trying to resolve myself for over a year,

It started when I opened a shop on etsy last year, and in September they suspended my store due to a copyright infringement, being new to designs I never knew anything about copyright infringement and being a bit 65 I was rather naïve and thought because everyone else was selling the same designs it was okay for me to do so. Apart from the character which caused the infringement, etsy suspended my account and told me by email to contact the person involved.

Which I did and manged to resolve the problem with him, and he revoked his complaint and told etsy about this. But you have still kept my account suspended. The suspension isnt the problem its the fact they have kept all my earnings and ignore my emails, complaints and all I get back now is automated email and nobody is willing to speak to me our is willing to resolve why they are not paying me what they owe me.

You are stealing people earnings while letting us sell on your site, I was making to designs to make funds for my grandson charity, he was born with a cleft lip and palate and did it so we could give something back to his cleft lip and palate association, my daughter in law and her sisters ran the kilt run but due to covid and being kept at home , I thought it was a good way to make some funds until we are able to get back to fundraising. So I am not prepared to let this go, You are not only stealing the earrings I made, but they are keeping the money i was hoping to donate to a charity and I will not give up on getting what you owe me, i have wrote to the sunday post and also to Marin Money market, and perviously Resolve advising them Etsy need to be investigated for fraudulent behaviour.

I have made complaints via Resolve and never got a reply, I constantly email but get nothing back.

They had me go into my bank and get a letter from my bank manager to say the earnings I made never made it into my account and this was sent to Scott from etsy via email in September with the reply they were going to look into it still heard nothing and I have emailed every other week to say I am not dropping my pursuit of what they owe me. The man dealing with this was named Scott he told me the funds were returned to etsy and when I took the paperwork etsy sent me, he noticed the bank manager noticed the sort code on the paperwork was wrong. I have had this debit card for many years and always double check my entries, when logging them into any site, but according to Etsy it was my fault the sort code was wrong, however when I asked why I was never notified there was a problem with the details , they never answered the question.

From the £1400 sales I made, I have received one payment for the grand sum of £96 and Etsy told me that was all I was entitled to and I would not be issued any further payments. When I challenged their customer services I was told me to stop contacting them as they were no longer going to email me back, so I contacted their legal team and emailed their CEO this is when Scott answered my email and stated he would help resolve my problem, he did email me back once but tnever got back to me, If I dont send communication i get no correspondence back I have not had one personal email back from Scott since his last email in September when Scott messaged me he would have the financial team look into the missing earnings.

Every other email has been an automated reply saying the same thing and no mention of any outcome.

I dont know how you work out the fees but I have calculated from the statements sent to me over 5 months, from the £1400 I earned you have kept the bulk around £1000 and I was supposed to receive approximately £400, but to date only recieved £96. I have all the statements, and my bank signed a letter from the manager stating no other funds were paid into my account from etsy. Due to covid and being ill myself I wasnt prepared to stand outside in big cues waiting to check my bank details, but when I checked the balance last September / October Etsy had paid in zero amount and it was easy to do so as this account was kept solely etsy sales.. I have refused to close the Etsy store as I do not want to lose the information stored on my account pages, but I have also downloaded it, and kept all the emails and correspondence to etsy.

etsy needs to investigate this or let me know who I should contact to report they way sellers are being treatment and being swindled out of our earnings when etsy suspend out stores without prior notifications.

You are fraudulently keeping peoples earnings as well as my own, and all my complaining is falling on deaf ears and nobody is responding, I have never encountered a customer services department like theres, they are non-existent and refuse to communicate with me. They think they can steal my earnings and for me to do nothing.

I will fight this tooth and nail but your behaviour is shocking and needs to be exposed, surely there are laws in place for the way online companies operate, you are not allowed to steal or fraudulently keep peoples earnings without someone addressing these problems many sellers are encountering. I googled these problems with etsy keeping our earnings and I am not the only one complaining about your behaviour. and how you never pay us what we are owed once we are suspended, you close us down at the drop of a hat while other sellers are selling the same designs.

google this type of complaint you will see there is a site where people are saying Etsy will never pay you what they owe, no matter what, we do the hard work and Etsy are making millions from scamming us.

I was told by etsy in order to remedy the suspension i was to correspond with the person who made the complaint and i would find the information on the emails... it turned out it was from the same man, and although it took me a year of corresponding in September this year i was sent a nice email saying he was revoking his complaint and had emailed etsy to inform them of his decision. Etsy also emailed me to let me know he had revoked his complaint, and to stay away from the character in question, they were all deleted....

yet Etsy have not activated my store and it still remains suspeneded, WHY when i did like you suggested and corresponded with the outome was in my favour.... do i remain susupeded so you can ignore me, and keep my earnings...


Location: Glasgow, Scotland

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