I got an ad for a shirt (t-shirt, V neck or tank top) that I liked. I went to purchase but the site would default to T-shirt.

You could choose tank top or v-neck, color and size on the drop down but in the end it would show as t-shirt. After 3 attempts of closing out and starting over, I decide to go through with Order in hopes that is how it states and the tank and v-neck would come. To my dismay, 2 T-shirts came and not v-neck or tank. I messaged the company.

7 emails later, and I still do not have resolution and the response seems to be an automated, one sentence response. They keep asking the same questions over. I have requested an exchange for what I wanted.

Sent a screen shot of the website and how the drop down worked. I tried calling to talk to a real person but have had no luck.

User's recommendation: Nope.. To hard to contact!

Location: Richland, Washington

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