On February 8th I ordered TWO diva wreath sets from Craft-T Creations along with the lips and eye set for them, plus a praying diva face. I only received ONE diva set instead of two.

I received everything else. I have emailed the owner "Tanisha" and I even wrote her a letter the old fashioned way voicing my displeasure. She FINALLY responded about a month later and said she would mail me out another diva set along with something free for my troubles because her shop had "flooded." (or she could refund me my money) I told her I didn't want my money back, I just wanted the diva set I hadn't received because I had a customer waiting for her order. I NEVER received anything from her so I kept emailing her.

She once again took her time responding and then said she had sent out another diva set and blamed the ice storm in Texas at the time for me not having received it. Well, I kept emailing her and asking her where it was since Texas had long since THAWED OUT and she had ANOTHER excuse saying she was going to set shops up at locations near me and everywhere else, and their Etsy shop would shut down on 3/13/21!! At this point in time, I just want my money back. ($20) I explained to her that I'm retired and $20 is $20 I can use for something else.

I haven't heard back from her yet AGAIN!! Will you PLEASE get in touch with her and settle this?

I went to my bank and they said I had to dispute this with Etsy first. I've tried everything else so I need you to please step in and settle this once and for all.

User's recommendation: I will not buy anything from her again and I suggest you check your orders right away.

Location: San Angelo, Texas

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