Forgive me for the late answer! See, sir, if the message is not sent, how will we tell the buyer about our item if there is a delay in reaching the same person?

If the buyer always opens the case, now I tell you that the message will not go, then I want to tell you how to solve the problem!

But people who have opened an etsy account before have not had this problem!

Now this problem is of my own seven, so tell me, how can I work!

There is also a problem that sir, the buyer is having a problem!

The buyer is not able to follow me, how will he be able to join me!

Now you tell me if my goods will be sold in such a situation!

No, it would be no fun to do such work!

Not Following, Messages Not Going!

It is not fun to do such things!

The other problem is Sir, if a buyer encounters some problem!

So how will that message be sent! How will he tell us his problems!

Sir, we have a big request from you, please solve this problem in some way!

If you are not able to solve this problem!

So you forward this next message!

So that a solution will come out!

I want to say this to you

You remove all the troubles of my account!

I tried hard but could not find a solution!

Awaiting your reply soon!

Thank you


Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Account.

Preferred solution: https://www.etsy.com/in-en/your/shops/me/dashboard?ref=hdr-mcpa.

Etsy Pros: Etsy problem.

Etsy Cons: Etsy problem.

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