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the fraud group at the bank restricted my card.

I got it lifted but I don't seem to be able to order from you using my debit card. What do I do now?


Help! I wanna shop


I recently received a new debt card (cancelled last one , it was lost in the river) my back says it's good to go BUT I can't order from your site or a few others! What's up? Peace out,



i have my mold and need to send it to esty

by user45418224


Where is my order

by user14418134

Ordern # 1202648391 date 5/20/17 hennytjcraft cottege


I used the wrong email address while placing my order.

by user16417901

All other info is correct. will my order be sent out?


When will my package arrive

by user44413137

I ordered on Monday for the plants to arrive for today an there not here this is a disaster!!!


I recently placed an order. I would like to change my payment metod for this order and set up a Pay Pal Acct.

by user61410929


Can i change my etsy email?


I placed and I haven't received my confirmation of my order or my order status because it seems I put the wrong email address this right one so they could send me the inf


When we I be taken off your waiting list & receive my order?

by user46406690


Pandora charm 790119 Faith, Hope & Love

by user52406545

Is this charm new or slightly used? Is it a authentic pandora charm?


Can you let me use your site.

by user23404533

I was suspended, and don't know why. My bank and a dealer had an incident, but I was not involved in any way, and was suspended.

I'm a long time customer, and I do a lot of business on Etsy. Best dealer is Dean Heeters. He can speak for me there. I'm a great customer per Dean.

Someone has done something to get me off the site. Please help!!

I wish only to be one your customers, as I was prior to this.Thank you, Margaret Windsor. I'll wait for your answer.


Can a seller change his mind after the purchase?

by user14403019


What kind of items

by user83393307

I'm trying to figure out if this is a site I can sell things that were not homemade but just things I may have. For instance I have a Rolex watch I want to sell.

A Coach ring. A piano I have. A lot of designer neck ties. Is this that type of site Is it like a Craigslist or am I a little confused about the type of site.

Please help.

My name is Duane. Thanks


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