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Where is my order

by Jolene M Xwr

I ordered the friends Monica’s door key rack about a month ago and I was just wondering when I will receive my order.

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Just a Refund?

by Jalyn B Eck

Hey! This is my first time ever shopping with Etsy.

I made a large order of $177. My items say Payment Processing. I thought it my end of the stick (debit card). So I repurchased some of the items individually and the payments went through.

My large purchase is currently “under review” Could I get a refund on the my first order of the products? If so how do I do it? My sellers don’t know how to cancel the order because the payment hasn’t gone through yet. I understand the delay from Covid.

Just wondering how to make this as easy as possible. Thank you.

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Am I going to receive my order

by Kenzi D

I haven't received anything but I've paid for it?

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Change my ID(email address)

by Chayu

Hi there, I have created my account with yuviacha@***.com and this email address is no longer available. Is it possible to change my email(account ID)?

If I can I will keep my listing and history but if not what effect I will have in the future posting? Thank you,

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I need to change my mailing address

by Terri H Wci

Would like my order to be shipped to differ address than mailing address

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How can I contact seller Robert Chandler of Lil Angels Wings re a purchase I made through Etsy.

by karen p Icn

I have purchased a t shirt which is faulty. On the page I purchased it from it says I can message Robert Chandler.

I attempted to and it asked me to register which it said was easy! I was unable to register so have not made contact

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Do u do a quarantined anniversary t shirts for couple? It's our anniversary on 23rd May. I would like to order it ASAP.

by Priya T Mvw

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by Jodi O Pmm

How do I change my address question

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Where is my order?

by Pam R Uhc

I never received my order and I’m unable to track it. I have sent a email and never received a reply. I just want to know where my order is and why can’t I get anyone to help me.

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How I transfer my money

Hi there I can't send my money to my bank account, can you help me out with this? Thanks ....I do the process but just newer hapend

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How can I get a refund for an order that hasn't arrived?

I order a case for my AirPods in the middle of March. I got tracking and everything, it's coming from Ukraine.

Except tracking stopped the end of April as if they lost it. I can't even get on the shop's page as if they shut down. I made a case with Etsy, I messaged the seller multiple times. Also I accidentally somehow closed the case...oops, and I can't reopen it.

It was $30 and I want my money back! I used Pissed Consumer to contact Etsy and have heard NOTHING.

I'm so pissed and frustrated, I don't know what to do! Help me please!

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According to Etsy refund policy in order to request a refund:

  • go to your Etsy account,
  • click Shop Manager,
  • click Orders & Shipping,
  • click the … (ellipsis) icon next to the order you want to refund,
  • click Issue a refund,
  • write down the reasons,
  • if you want to refund the entire transaction, click the box by Issue a full refund.

Where is my order very upset

by Lona B Gkl

I will never order from you guys again is this a scam

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Ask question

by Nadzrul A

Hi, i had problem that situation is, i had customer to buy my item that i posted in etsy. He paid by money order. How can i proceed a payment or next step to do ?

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I can not login to my account

by Rabha Z

Dear Madam /sir, I live in Morocco and since saturday December the 8th 2019 i can not get access to my account even I am using the right e-mail and password thank you

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How do I get SandJBargainvault to accept my Etsy confirmation so I can get shipping info?

Every be time I go back to your e-mailed and confirm AGAIN be with Etsy it is not recognized by the by shop who is supposed to send me a my animal zoo, SandJBargainvault

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According to Etsy help center, you can check the shipping status of your order on or the Etsy app. If the seller added tracking information, you can check when your order should arrive.

To track your purchase:

  • Sign in to or the Etsy app.
  • Click You.
  • Click Purchases and reviews.
  • Find your order.
  • On the Etsy app, tap your order. You’ll see the shipping status to the right of your order: Not Shipped: The seller hasn’t shipped the order yet or didn’t update the order on Etsy. Shipped: The seller marked the order as shipped. In Transit: The seller added a tracking number and the package has left the shipping facility. Track package: If the seller added a tracking number, you’ll see Track Package.

Click Track Package to see more tracking updates. You can also see shipping information in the shipping notification emails for your order. Click Track Package in the email notification to view the status of your delivery.

Like I said I have limited time in which to receive my animal zoo from SandJBargainvault and they refuse to acknowledge my many-times confirmed Etsy confirmation .
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I’m trying to find out how to get a discount on at sea one of my items is charging me over $18 for shipping

Happy breast balm is $27. $ charging me over $14 for shipping.

Is there anyway I can get any kind of a discount from Etsy or from the seller. I’m buying another item, too, for $24. & $4.00 shipping.

My email address is gybir@***.com. My cell number is 850-405-**** for texting

1 answer

According to Etsy FAQ page you can expect a discount in case you buy item from one seller. You can also contact Etsy customer service by email at support@***.com


2 accounts

by Ignacio R Kek

Hello, I have purchased a new phone and when I went to the Etsy app, I realized I have 2 accounts. One account has the majority of all the items we purchased and still have some coming in and the other account has the wedding bouquet that we ordered and received.

If we can delete the account where the bouquet is ordered from that will be fine; but I need the other one remained open to track the remaing items coming in. If there is another way, (easier) please let me know. Thank you.

Ignacio Rodriguez Ps: These are the 2 emails I have. ignaciorodriguez007@***.com ir@***.net

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Dug out

by Nicholas V Njv

Just checking eta of product. It’s been a few weeks.

Thanks and have a nice day! Nick

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by Agerie B

I ordered one item /Ethiopian culture dress by you guys but it’s almost a month I don’t receive it , can you guys check and , give me my item or money back . Thanks

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by Leah H Xol

I placed a order under a guest and I didn’t receive a email for my order and I can’t even find my order, what do it do to track it?

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