I had several items removed, namely Hemp Cream, Hemp Oil For Pets and Hemp Seed Oil.

I questioned as to why MY items were removed whilst MANY other similar items were still online.

I was told by Etsy that Hemp products were not allowed on their site and that all other listings would eventually be removed.

After 6 days ALL of the other items were still listed and so I wrote again asking as to why only my items had been removed.

Once again I received an almost identical response to the first telling me that no Hemp items were allowed.

I pointed out that none of my products were illegal and told the writer that none of my items contain THC or CBD and that we sell these to shops, through Veterinary Practices and on other online websites. Similar items are sold in many UK Pharmacists and even in herbal shops such as Holland & Barrett!

Etsy are so short-sighted and blinkered in their outlook that it as wonder anyone can be bothered to use them

User's recommendation: Not as easy to use as they make out and no direct contact with customer services--no E-mail address, no phone number and no online chat. On the whole extremely poor.

Location: Birmingham, England

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