I own two shops on etsy both of which pay for my full time living(I feed my family with these shops). They are now sending me messages saying I stole someone's copywritten artwork that I designed myself and copyrighted.

Even after I sent them a counter notice with my copyright info they will not respond. They continue to listen to this other shop owner who doesn't own the copyright. What's even better, because this shop owner is competition, he has been buying items from store having them shipped to the local Home Depots, Lowe's,etc near him(I didn't know this until I looked into it)just to leave me negative feedback and destroy my store. Competition erased in his mind.

I received the packages back, unopened and I called the Home Depot's manager who informed no one there ordered it and sent it back without opening it yet the "purchaser" left several negative feedbacks about how the products were *** without ever seeing them because obviously they went to a home improvement store. With all kinds of evidence in hand I went to etsy with this and after bugging the *** out of them because they don't give two craps about the sellers, I finally went on their twitter and blasted them and FINALLY got their attention. Well the woman from etsy said "I'm sorry, I know you have valid evidence but our hands our tied." "He ordered it so he can leave whatever feedback he likes." So basically this other shop owner is destroying the way I feed my family and etsy doesn't give a ***. All my hard work, the long hours, the family times missed to build this business, all of it just to give myself a stress induced heart attack from this ***?

Etsy is absolutely a scam. They do not care about being ethical or their shop owners.

Location: Miami, Florida

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I think there is a conspiracy. Etsy;s employees/staff are able to have stores and be vendors too.

They steals designs, ideas and eliminate any other vendor that can compete with them.

My stores have been suspended due to policies infraction that some others vendors also sell and still are open. It doesnt look that a fair plain field for everybody.

If they see that your store is doing good, they will copy your model/merchandise and kick u out of their site.


I agree. Etsy does not care about either their buyers……..or their sellers.

The fact that they do not even have a phone number that can be used to resolve disputes between buyers and sellers, or a separate phone number for their sellers {who are technically their employees, their customers, their sponsors, their tenants, and their representatives} who have legitimate questions and concerns (that are NOT addressed in their little "help" section) - ultimately demonstrates the corporations lack of respect, lack of appreciation, lack of accountability, lack of professionalism, and LOVE of only money. They are just like all other big corporations - soulless, greedy, unaccountable/buck passing/evasive, detached, and hypocritical - as they present themselves to be this humanitarian, tight knit global COMMUNITY of politically correct and deeply ecologically concerned and conscious/high minded - "artists" and crafters. Etsy is a lie - I had a shop on their venue and I initially fell for the whole "tight knit community of eco-friendly artists who help each other succeed in order to sustain this utopian marketplace as the antitheses of ebay and corporate commercialism" - thing…….but after spending $20,000 over a 2 year period (to support the marketplace) and getting less than .01% support in return (fellow sellers I spent lots of money with, not even favoriting my shop or items) from other shops owners……I caught on. I got zero exposure too from Etsy themselves - no promotion whatsoever over a 5 year period.

Terrible what happened to you and terrible they claimed to you that their hands were tied.

They could have done many things to address what happened to you publicly, including exposing this incident (they didn't even have to name - NAMES) by publishing an article on the subject using "hypotheticals" and as a company, publicly rejecting this dishonest and unethical behavior - and either posting it on the site, or including it in one of their newsletters that they send out to our emails. Later for that ***


Oh my god, this is the most horrendous Etsy nightmare story I've ever read. I never knew some people can be this despicable!!

This even furthers my decision to move my shop off of Etsy and onto Storenvy or just build my own website. I'm really, really, really sorry something this horrible has happened to you!

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