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I've gotten products that are in no way handmade, and worse yet, not made of the stated fibre. Garments from China are the major culprits.

Worst of all you don't seem to care that most Chinese garments are guilty of breaking U.S. FTC laws. I've yet to receive a garment with fibre content or care tags. I purchased a $150 sweater that the seller stated was "cotton".

To me, when someone states it's cotton, and lists no other fibres, it damn well ought to be at LEAST 85% cotton, or whatever fibre they're saying it is. The yarn started separating and falling apart on the first wear. It provided plenty of material for a burn test. I was left with a large, hard plastic-y chunk and a tiny bit of ash - the cotton.

When I reviewed the sale on the vendor's site, all I got was angry insults and it's a "Cotton Blend". It was an acrylic blend with a small amount of cotton. Big difference. There were no labels, and it was knit on an industrial knitting machine.

How do I know? I've been using knitting machines from home models to small industrial since 1980.

Another purchase was corduroy overalls from 2 different vendors. They are identical, down to the decorative rivets. They were also available from a large Chinese commercial vendor.

In fact, a lot of the garments on Etsy are available commercially.

A lot of American vendors aren't even aware they have to label their garments. Do you give any guidance?

You'll sell anything, as long as you get your cut, won't you?

Susan O'Donnell


User's recommendation: Don't get taken. While looking for the one who sold me the awful sweater, who seems to have disappeared, I came across someone selling old "Coogi" lookalike sweaters, calling them "Coogi" rather than "Coogi-style". It's not legal, but you've shown the vendor that you're down with misrepresentation!

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Website.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Etsy Pros: Some truly excellent vendors, Hard to find items and an outlet for small vendors.

Etsy Cons: Sells commercial unlabelled clothing from china in particular, Call your item whatever- made from whatever gets the money, Evidently there are no legal guidelnes for vendors.

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