Let me start off by stating I'm a seller.

I have two shops open on Etsy, one I share with a friend. For some reason, it's been *** trying to keep the joint shop open. We set it up and immediately our store was restricted. An email and waiting three or four days and it was resolved, but there was zero explanation why that happened.

Now it's asking for an updated ID. Problem is, we can't actually sell anything until we get it to them. This shop isn't very old and I've already verified my ID with them. I just renewed my license and don't have a plastic copy, and I have an order that literally happened right before the shop got restricted again. Their actual phone number wasn't listed anywhere on the website - I found it here. And then I was told that they'd look into it and get back to me through email. But my second shop that I only own by myself doesn't have this problem, so why this one? It's the same damn ID... Again, no explanations.

I have people who have reached out to me through messages saying that they are unable to buy anything, so this is costing actual revenue. Crafting is my only source of income, and if I can't get this fixed soon my customer base might take a hit.

I've even had *** lost through the mail, and their policy is "WELP YOU DIDN'T BUY INSURANCE SO HERP DERP IT'S ON YOU". So that was a huge $100+ loss after the refund.

Extremely mad. Wish there was a better, more popular service.

User's recommendation: I don't even know. Is there anything outside of etsy??

Etsy Pros: Large customer base, Large site to bring in customers, Great products, Sellers are cool.

Etsy Cons: Virtually impossible to speak to someone, Large fees, Poor customer service, Lack of explanations, Randomly closes your shop.

Location: Clayton, North Carolina

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