Dear Etsy,

I had wrote several times and want to continue to file my request until the issue had solved.

There a seller his name is Kevin which locates in HK, and I am sure he's not an authentic artist.

He stole the product image of my handmade Howl's vintage earrings, and used my artist's partner's studio name to open his Etsy store, and even copied and pasted exactly what I wrote for my product, as his product description. I have a screenshot of his product description that he even still have the sentence "intricate design only in Artful Values".

Artful Values is the brand name I been developing, working hard on, and it's my Etsy shop's name! ;(

Since yesterday, he's been making sales from my product images and contents, and been taking advantage from Etsy buyers around the world. This kind of behavior is badly hurting my brand, my handmade items because he even sell the items much higher, which is also very unfair and illegitimated to seller as me and innocent buyers.

Please help me out in this situation, to protect my branding and local authentic small business, and also protect seller's right and safety on Etsy. I could provide any proofs and images that support all my statements above!

Sincerely regards,


Preferred solution: take down counterfeit store.

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