Middletown, New York

My store on Etsy was suspended, with no explanation. No email was sent, and getting a reply to emails to support? Seemingly impossible.

I was selling greeting cards and prints. All designed by myself, all printed at home by myself. So what exactly is suspension worthy, I really don't know. And it seems they don't want me to know!

Phone support apparently exists, but no matter what issue you put in the support drop down lists - it never comes up with the option to speak to someone by phone. Just to email! I'm going round in never ending circles.

I had no idea Etsy where such a badly thought of company till this happened, and searched for solutions and came about all the bad reviews of the way they run their company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This happened to me as well, and I sell greeting cards and prints too. No explanation, no notification, and I had hired someone to put all of the cards etc up in the site, so that money was lost as well.

This is unconscionable to do to small businesses!


This happened to me. This is a mass class action lawsuit. Email me at hairbytyger@gmail.com