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Etsy used to be a nice site to sell on, and a low fees to boot. These times are long gone and sales are few and far between. Lately I had NONE. When I search as a buyer, I can't find anything, although Etsy will display anything you google search for in it (but not on website). I tried searching for Pissed off Etsy and low and behold, Etsy pops up in google search and claims they have it. lol

Etsy implemented new rules: all pictures have to be at least 1500 px wide, so you can't list a new listing with pics less than that. For some unfathomable reason existing listings are okay (grandfather's clause?). This has nothing to do with future sales if any.

Etsy isn't shy to make unnecessary suggestions. Such as this. I am listing an item that weighs a couple of pounds, so tried calculated shipping with $2 handling fee (total about $10 unless it goes to California 2000 miles away), and that is fine by Etsy. Tried to enter a Standard Shipping of $10.50, and Etsy says no, buyers don't like this. Whatcha know.... this makes no sense.

If these new and exciting changes don't produce more sales any time soon, I am packing my bags. Had a few sales on eBay this month already, but not on Etsy. Argh

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Marketplace.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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