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I made a purchase, was charged and ;every time I look to track my order it says there isn't one. How do I track my order or where do I find it??

Monetary Loss: $59.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I am assuming your order shipped USPS. With that said you need to sit down and take a chill pill.

Etsy runs a tight ship and they do not allow criminals to sell empty air. Etsy closes shops that do not follow their rules. Back to USPS. I assume you live in North America.

USPS might deliver to your hut on a regular basis but they do not deliver to everyone else's hut in a regular nor timely manner. If the shop owner has not contacted you chances are they mailed already and now it is in USPS ' hands. Don't have a hissy fit because the blame is not always with the shop owner. Out of a 6 day mail week 10 years ago my mailman came to my house 6 days.

Fast forward to now. I am lucky to see my mail person for 3 days. I also found out that my insurance company mailed me my EOB in April 2021. I have yet to receive it.

I have stopped my business with USPS and have only used UPS. And I pay my bills electronically. Now, that may not mean a hill of beans to you. First, you need to take a few deep breaths of air and calm down.

Issues can happen to anyone for any reason. That is not a good enough reason to flip your cereal. Nor is it good for your blood pressure. Maybe this site will do something for you.

Maybe you can write a sweet letter to the shop owner. Remember, they do not see the package once they ship it. I suppose I could leave you a rude comment like other people seem to do, but that does not fix anything nor does it make anyone feel better. Good Luck and have a pleasant day.

Remember the world will be nicer place if we all stay calm and do not treat an issue like it is the end of the world.

I assure you that it is not. < SMILE> showing my smile for my computer's failed emoji

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